Multifunctional Landscape Analysis and Design


HORT 361 - Small Fruit Production

HORT 361 is a course covering commercial and small-scale production of berries and other small fruit crops.  Students will learn about common crops such as strawberries and blueberries, but they will also become familiar with unusual native species such as aronia berry, elderberry, and serviceberry that have future commercial potential.  The course includes a project designing a small fruit production system appropriate for a farm. 

Meets SPRING semester, first 8-week session, MW 12-2.
Aronia berries at harvest time.
HORT 434 - Designing Urban Agriculture

HORT 434 focuses on the study of design process and principles related to food production in urban environments. Lectures cover topics for assessing, planning, and transforming the landscape at multiple scales from regional to neighborhood to site.  Group discussions critically review readings from peer-reviewed and popular literature.  Students engage in analysis and design of an existing site to integrate multiple functions, emphasizing the permanent infrastructure and perennial vegetation.  Access to a computer that can be loaded with appropriate software is necessary for mapping and design projects.  

Format: ONLINE
Time: SPRING semester, second 8-week session, Monday 6:30-8:00 pm.