Multifunctional Landscape Analysis and Design


HORT 255 - Multifunctional Landscapes

HORT 255 is a course developed by Dr. Lovell which introduces students from various disciplines to the latest research and technology in sustainable and multifunctional landscapes, considering the connections to plant science.  The course encourages the exploration of sustainable landscape solutions based on the concept that a landscape designed for multiple functions (ecological, production, and cultural) will meet the needs of society, while minimizing the negative impacts on the future environment. This is a project-based course, in which the students are evaluated based on their development of sustainable solutions to landscape problems using a variety of applications.  Meets FALL semester, TTh 12-2.
Sketchup model of infiltration swales
NEW!!!!  HORT 499 - Designing Urban Agriculture

HORT 499 focuses on the study of design process and principles related to food production in urban environments. Lectures cover topics for assessing, planning, and transforming the landscape at multiple scales from regional to neighborhood to site.  Group discussions critically review readings from peer-reviewed and popular literature.  Students engage in analysis and design of an existing site to integrate multiple functions, emphasizing the permanent infrastructure and perennial vegetation.  Access to a computer that can be loaded with appropriate software is necessary for mapping and design projects.  

Format: ONLINE
Time: SPRING semester, second 8-week session, Monday 6:30-8:00 pm.